Public Works Capital Projects Update 2019

Lett’s Cemetery Road
Project: Federal/Provincial grant road improvements
Budget: $325,000.00
Revised Project: Bank stabilization and engineering with grant approval in 2019
Revised Budget: $75,000.00
Comments: Informal approval of the grant has been received by the Township. Once formal approval and an agreement with the government are signed work can be started. Engineering, planning and a tendering component may be possible in September. This component of the project is estimated to require 60 working days. The last possible workday for a project of this type should not be past November 30th.
There is the possibility of some work being completed in 2019. This would be specifically engineering and bank stabilization.

Island View Drive
Project: Road allowance survey and engineering.
Budget: $50,000.00
Revised Project: Pulverize, cross drainage, brushing
Revised Budget: $100,000.00 $50,000.00 transfer from Letts Cemetery Project
Comments: This road has failed and requires constant patching to maintain a safe usable surface. Budgeted based on the previous Council’s desire to rebuild the road was surveying and engineering in 2019.
Staying completely in the existing footprint improvements can be made without surveying and engineering. Basically pulverize repair base, repair four cross drainage issues, brushing and apply dust control in 2019. In 2020 double surface the road.
Presently due to an overage on the Grist Mill project, there are more than 1500 tonnes of gravel stockpiled at Golden lake that can be used on the project specifically at the east end in the swampy area

Grist Mill Road
Project: Pulverize, cross culverts, drainage, double surface total 4km
Budget: $100,000.00
Revised Project: Cross culverts, drainage, gravel 8km
Revised budget: $150,000.00 for 2019 component
Comments: Increase the scope of work to the total length in 2019 and create a gravel/dust control budget for future years.

Black Creek Road
Project: Pulverize, cross culverts, drainage, padding, single surface, selected areas
Budget: $170,000
Revised Project: Cross culverts, drainage, rebuild base in the selected area
Revised Budget: $120,000.00
Comments reduce work in 2019 to allow road settling, apply single surface in 2020

Royal Pines Road
Project: Road improvements, base repair, double surface selected areas
Budget: $275,000.00
Revised Project: Pad road sags and dips in 2019, pulverize, base reconstruction with the single surface in select areas, single surface complete road 2020
Revised Budget: $25,000.00
Mink Lake Road
Project: Base improvement, double surface 1km
Budget: $55,000.00
Revised project: None
Revised Budget: None

Green Lake Road
Project: Rebuild 2017 flood
Budget: $30,000.00
Revised Project: None
Revised Budget: None

McMillian Road
Project: None
Budget: None
Revised Project: Rebuild 1km to pre 2019 spring hard surface
Revised budget: $70,000.00 disaster claim

At the end of 2020, there will be 30 km of hard-surface roads rehabilitated over the 2019-20 road work season.