May 7, 2020

The Township is very optimistic despite the Covid-19 restrictions that road rehabilitation projects will get an early start. Please check our website for updates.

Coming this month will be the “Soft Launch” of the new Township Website.  This will be a period where the website is up and running while the Township adds data and makes small adjustments. Something new to the website will be an “add a business” feature, which will allow business owners to submit information to the Township directly to promote their specific business.

Clean up activities have started at the Township parks and outdoor facilities. At this time parks will be open, but only for pedestrian walk throughs; the play structures remain closed.

Mayor Brose reported to Township Council Tuesday night that Renfrew County is planning to lobby the provincial and federal governments to provide more financial support for businesses that are suffering through the state of emergency.  It is important for those businesses with financial costs or losses to be able to provide proof, should any Government programs for compensation become available.  

Water levels are going down and conditions have been fairly dry.  Spring high waters do not appear to be an issue, fire hazard conditions will worsen with this dry weather and recent high winds.

There are new announcements from the Provincial Government indicating some loosening of restrictions.  Please be cautious and respectful as retail stores begin to open.  There has been no announcement from the Federal or Provincial Governments that people should let down their guard. Keep your distance, get outside, do not travel, and enjoy the peacefulness while it lasts.

Please support local businesses and trades when restrictions are lifted; they will need your help after everything gets back to the new normal.

Andrew Sprunt

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