May 8, 2020

Work is starting on Grist Mill Road next week with some culvert replacement. This may cause some issues with through traffic at times. Please check signage on roads over the next couple of days so construction areas can be avoided. Through traffic will be accommodated at the end of each work day. The culvert work is necessary now to permit major road work to start early in the construction season.

Gravel application operations will start in the next week. Starting at the four-kilometre mark from Highway 60 and continuing to the area along the Bonnechere River.  This will create temporary dusty conditions until the final surface is applied.

Grading and hard surface application will start in the next two weeks commencing at Highway 60.

The project will cause some inconvenience for a few weeks, but the result will be a smooth hard surfaced road.

Please, during the project do not approach any construction crew members. Concerns should be directed to the Township office at 613-628-2080.  Township workers and contractors are required to follow physical distancing requirements implemented by the province.  To perform work in the new Covid-19 reality the public must refrain from close contact with workers. Stopping for a friendly chat with workers is not permitted in the new environment. Waving and smiles are welcome as you pass. Honking should be discouraged as it can be taken as a warning of an impending danger.


Thank You for your cooperation. Stay Safe. 


Andrew Sprunt


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