May 8, 2020

Thank you to all residents and non-residents of North Algona Wilberforce Township who shared the Facebook post regarding the 50 containers of an unknown flammable liquid thrown in a ditch along Marsh Road. 

 Unfortunately, the posts did not yield any conceivable clues or information on the contents of the containers or who deposited them. The post certainly demonstrated that residents are very concerned about threats to the environment. There were many shares on the Township Facebook page and thousands of people reached and hundreds of shares on other Facebook accounts. 

 Fire department staff believe based on appearance and odour that the liquid may be some type of paint stripper.  There is no conclusive evidence as to what is in the containers other than it is labelled flammable. 

 The containers and their contents will now be safely transported to a provincially approved site for safe disposal.  Currently the cost of the transport and disposal is unknown. As, there was no determination as to the owner or depositor the cost will be completely bore by the Township. 

 Again, thank you to the public for your interest and comments.  In the future the Township will continue to use social media to ask for help from the public should incidents of a similar nature occur. 

Andrew Sprunt 




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