May 15, 2020

Rehabilitation road work is now underway on Grist Mill Road. It will be an area to avoid over the next couple of weeks if you are not a resident of the road. With construction there will be loose gravel and dust, lighter traffic will benefit the residents and the contractor

The 50 cans of an unknown flammable liquid that the Township recovered from a ditch on Marsh Road (as reported in previous postings) is now going to be a significant cost to the Township. The local Hazardous Waste Depot is unable to accept the waste due to licence restrictions. The Township will now have to hire a private contractor to dispose of the waste. Any information as to the source of this waste would be appreciated

The transfer sites are still accepting 2 bags of garbage per residence per week with no tipping fee. Last week the Shaw Woods Site was closed before its scheduled close time, this is not anticipated to happen again. The Township has temporarily added another waste bin to Shaw Woods due to waste volumes

This weekend will see an influx of traffic and people coming into the area. Please, residents and visitors, be mindful of physical distancing. Try to avoid social gatherings, congestion in stores and physical contact with others

Boat launches are open, parks are open for walkthroughs or hiking, businesses are opening with safety protocols in place and generally, there is some movement in relaxing restrictions. The Covid19 virus is still very much a threat, and everyone is asked to move forward cautiously it is not over yet

Please have a safe weekend, enjoy the outdoors, while maintaining physical distancing, before the return of blackflies and mosquitoes

Andrew Sprunt CAO/Clerk

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