Although we are not out of the woods yet, the Township is starting the long cautious journey back to a somewhat normal state.  It is anticipated that this will be a slow process, there will be setbacks, and progress will be dictated as to what is permitted and what can be managed that ensures the safety of staff and residents.

On Monday June 8th the Township office will officially open. It will however not be business as usual, there will be restrictions on how one may enter the office and where the public may go in the office.

There will be signage describing safety protocols and procedures for visiting the office.  Although we are going to be open, we encourage residents not to visit the office if you do not have to.


There will be a “day-time only” drop box located on the fencing during office hours. For your convenience, afterhours bill payments can be made in a secure drop box located beside the entrance door.

Saturday June 27th will be the return to charging tipping fees at the transfer sites. Cash will be accepted through an EXACT CHANGE drop in box system only. Residents using their Blue waste cards will be stamped by the resident using a bingo dapper or black permanent marker, there will be no worker/resident contact.

Staff will be presenting Council with some options regarding a bulk or large item day this summer that will be safe for workers and residents.

There will be no testing of beaches until later this month, so we ask you to refrain from swimming at public beaches and swim areas.

Public washrooms remain closed until the township can safely follow provincial health protocols.

The Township is now working on a plan to provide Canada Day celebrations with a drive through salute to first responders and essential workers.

Gravel application will start on Island View Drive next week followed by a hard surface tar and chip application.  Please drive slowly to keep dust down. There will be loose gravel on the road for the next few weeks so drive with caution.

As was stated at the beginning of the news release; “we are not out of the woods yet” so please follow the advice of our municipal, provincial and federal leaders in regard to Covid-19. 

More information will follow in regard to the items listed above in the previous paragraphs, so please stay tuned.

Play local, stay local, and shop local, enjoy the last of spring summer is only a few weeks away!




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