It appears we have started the journey back to some form of normality.  Hopefully with continued diligence and physical distancing more restrictions will be lifted.

On Friday, June 12th churches can start having services with some limitations, outdoor patios can open, people can get haircuts at a salon or barbershop and groups of up to ten people can assemble. Please refer to provincial press releases posted on our website and Facebook page or go to to view the most current releases.

The Township office doors are officially open with very few residents visiting. Office business continues to be mostly through email, telephone, and drop box.  This is making it very easy for staff to protect visitors with the new protective protocols.  Staff are very willing to do business at the counter but appreciate the publics absence through respect of federal and provincial warnings not to go out if you do not have to.

A new protocol that is being implemented at the office is a signoff sheet for visitors including workers and councillors.  The sheet has several questions regarding Covid-19. It is in place to ensure visitors are coming to the office without symptoms and if there ever is an issue with a visitor or staff testing positive the information recorded will enable us to contact persons that may have been compromised.

The Township will be issuing information on safety and protocol for visiting Township beaches next week.

Please stay safe and continue to take precautions to stop the spread of the Covid-19 Virus.


Andrew Sprunt


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