The Township has now mailed out tax bills for the final installments of 2020.

Very important, included in your tax envelope is an information sheet with a coupon on the second page that will permit the property owner to have one free bulk load  to either the Berndt Road Transfer Site or Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre between August 8th to 15th.  Please read details on the information sheet carefully or check the township website.

The rain has come to the township and significantly changed fire ratings. The fire risk level has changed and will now be allowing night-time burning of brush piles (6’ x 6’ x 6’ maximum). Permits are required and may be obtained at Restrictions and requirements for burning are available on the burn permit site.

The Township office is now operating with an outside walk up service window. Residents are pleased that they do not have to enter an enclosed space eliminating the requirement to wear a mask.

Township tractors are doing roadside cutting and local farmers are busy moving on the road between fields.  Please take extra caution when approaching a tractor or when you see the slow-moving vehicle triangle.