The Township of North Algona Wilberforce is pleased to announce that Michelle Mantifel with be joining our Township in the role of Clerk Treasurer.  Michelle comes to us with over two decades of experience in a similar role.  We look forward to Michelle starting her position on November 9th. There will be a Council meeting on November 10th to officially appoint Michelle as Clerk and Treasurer.  Residents are welcome to attend the meeting electronically as Covid-19 restrictions limit our ability to have the public attend in person.

At 6:00 pm on the 20th of October Council will be receiving from TGT Solutions the presentation of the townships Strategic Plan.  This is a process that started about the time Covid hit and although there were challenges the plan is now complete.  There were public consultations, one on one meetings, electronic meetings and surveys completed by residents.  This will be your chance to see how the information that you provided has been incorporated into the plan.  The intention of the plan is to guide Council moving forward making decisions and taking actions that are based on what residents have contributed as their vision for the Township. Again, residents are invited to attend electronically.

The fall colours have peaked and leaves are starting to blanket the ground.  Time to rake leave and clean up yards.  Please take care not to pile leaves in Township ditches as they can cause water to back up and ditches to overflow.  Also, check current restrictions and requirements before burning leaves.  The Township office or website will be able to provide the most current information

Township park washrooms are now closed for the season and play structures are being prepared for winter.  Boat launches remain open. The Deacon Boat Launch may be closed a couple days for maintenance. Public swim access areas are still accessible but please be careful as the water is now very cold.

In the next few weeks, we will probably receive our first snowfall.  Generally, if it can be avoided Township crews refrain from clearing snow from the roads until there is frost in the ground.  This is done to allow roads to get firm so that equipment will not dig into soft roads causing damage and leaving a trail of gravel on resident’s front lawns. With a heavy snowfall or freezing rain, it may be impossible to avoid clearing roads.


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