Press release:  Provincewide Shutdown


Yesterday Premier Doug Ford announced that on Boxing Day, December 26, th we will be moving into a Provincewide Shutdown for a period of 28 days.

Please check the official province of Ontario website or news releases for details.

Business at the Township office will not change a lot, the office will remain open with existing Covid-19 protocols in place.

The office is limited to one customer at a time and face masks are mandatory.

Transfer sites will remain open and will be following all existing Covid-19 protocols.  Attendants may now be wearing face shields and that will create some difficulty with the visor fogging up at times, please be understanding and patient with staff.

Regular winter road maintenance will continue.  If conditions regarding Covid-19 worsen operations may be scaled back to minimum maintenance standards to accommodate staff working alternate shifts.

Council meetings may be altered, postponed, or canceled during the 28-day period.  Please watch our website and message boards for updates.

Township By-Law will not be patrolling to ensure residents are conforming with the provincial shutdown.  There are many situations where it may appear that persons are not conforming while in fact they are.  The Township does not have the resources to actively enforce the provincial order.

If residents have concerns regarding shutdown non-compliance, they are asked to contact the Renfrew County District Health Unit or the Ontario Provincial Police in the event of an emergency.

These are difficult times, but we managed through the spring with the first shutdown we should make it through this one too.

Please support local businesses and services wherever possible.

Merry Christmas and happy Holidays to all! Stay Safe, stay warm and stay separated.  Use the phone, use the mail, use email, twitter, your car horn, and your Christmas lights to spread your Christmas cheer!



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