2021 Resident Budget Questions

Ralph Verch – just wandering about the dog kennel trailer. What will it be used for, will it pick up dogs, as a kennel will it be used to house dogs, who will be using it, where will they station it if it’s for a kennel, who looks after the dogs and feeds them?

Response: Thank for your question Mr. Verch, we will try to address all components of your question. The purchase is for a portable kennel that will eliminate the amount that is paid each year to Bonnechere Valley for a service that is extremely underused. The Kennel is not designed to pick up dogs, only to board them. It will used on a need be basis only as determined by municipal enforcement staff.  It is portable and can be stationed at different locations for the Townships convenience.  Care and feeding of dogs will be administered or supervised by township staff.  It is hoped that other municipalities will eventually partner with the Township and the purchase share for the township can be reduced.

Mr. Verch commented regarding the Rankin Culture and Recreation Community Centre that the figure is right that they received $6,000.00 in 2020 but $3,000.00 of that was for 2019 when they didn’t get any, that for people in the audience so they don’t think they got $6,000.00 last year. They did but $3,000.00 was for 2019 when they didn’t get any.

Response: Mr. Verch is correct that the $3,000.00 for 2019 was paid in 2020.

Ms. McLeod – question # 1– In the executive summary that the accountant vetted (?) the 2020 actual revenue is 4.9 million dollars, you budgeted 6.064 million in revenue in 2020, so you actually collected 1.14 million less in revenue than budgeted for yet the 2021 budget shows revenue which is 2 million more than was collected in 2020. The expenses have to equal that of course but this is an increase of 40% in spending between on 2 million dollars between 2020 and 21. So my question is, why did you budget for 2 million dollars which you do not have and some of which you budgeted for and collected in previous years.

Response: Please refer to the red highlighted sections and the new road construction projects for the additional expenditures in the 2021 Budget.

Ms. McLeod question #2 – Well I was asking if you would provide a detailed account of why, of how and where the funds were spent for the ugh Federal Government emergency funding, in your ugh in that ugh um reserve not reserves in that ugh slide there the COVID relief grant fund is not in there and yet you want to pay your employees $1,000.00 for full time and $250.00 for each part time employee and each volunteer firefighter. Ugh I don’t think those funds were meant to provide bonuses for employees, but please clarify that and provide a detailed account of how and where this operational funding total has been spent or is to be spent and that’s the ugh $111,900.00.

Response: This funding was spent on cleaning supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE), health and safety upgrades for municipal office and Council chamber, lost revenue from tipping fees, township programs and cottage rentals, waiving interest on property taxes for seven months and increased costs for cleaning protocols. I have also attached a COVID-19 Expenses guidance document from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Municipal Finance Policy Branch

COVID-19 Expenses guide


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