Thursday, March 18, 2021

Cottage Comfort Check, a Covid-19 Response

The provincial government is continuing to ask all Ontarians to stay home and not travel.

This may be concerning to the seasonal residents that live away from their cottages.  It is routine for many to check their cottage for security, surrounding water levels and winter damage such as fallen trees.  This is very hard to do without travelling.

The Township of North Algona Wilberforce recognizes that this is frustrating for seasonal residents who are concerned about the safety of their properties.  To help give seasonal residents some peace of mind and to reduce the number of persons traveling to the community, the Township is implementing a temporary program, “Cottage Comfort Check – a Covid-19 response” (CCC). The program will address seasonal resident’s concerns through inspections of cottages by Township staff.

Seasonal residents who would like their seasonal residence checked are asked to contact the Township office and provide the required check list of information as well as permission to enter their property.  The Township will attempt to visit each residence that is registered in the program once every two weeks.

The check of the property will entail a visual inspection of the yard or grounds, out buildings and surrounding water levels. The main building check will include turning the handle on the main entry door to ensure the door is locked and a visual inspection for damage to windows or other means of entry.  Township staff will not enter the cottage, if a door is unlocked or point of entry damaged, it will be reported to the owner. It will be the resident’s responsibility to report damage to police, the township will cooperate with any subsequent police investigation. A member of staff will contact the owner once the inspection is completed. Any issues observed will result in a report being generated and forwarded to the property owner.

The Township cannot and will not accept any liability or be responsible for any damage incurred during these courtesy checks.  This is a comfort gesture only it does not replace a requirement for alarm services or visits by private security firms. This inspection is only available for North Algona Wilberforce ratepayers.




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