The Renfrew County CollaborativeE-Walk-In Counselling Clinic (WICC)

Who can access the WICC?

Our virtual walk-in clinic provides quick and easy access to mental health and addiction therapy services foradults, children, teens and families.

We recognize, welcome and accept the diversity of our clients and their families with respect to race,national or ethnic background, place of origin, religion, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, maritalstatus, family status, mental or physical disability, or language.

What is the focus of the WICC counselling sessions?

The focus of the counselling session is based on what you want to achieve from the meeting. We supportyou in voicing your therapy needs or desires and taking an active role in the creation of your goals. Althoughmany people find one session is enough, you may return to the WICC at any time, even while you are on await list for other services with this agency or others.

How can I access the WICC?

The WICC is currently open every
Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Individuals who need same-daysupport, can call

The receptionist will go through a series of questions to help match theperson with the right counsellor and book a session time for that day by video or phone (based on theclient’s preference). To ensure immediate access to mental health and addiction services outside of theWICC’s operating hours, clients can access
Counselling Connect online at

Who provides the counselling?

Through the WICC, clients are connected with a counsellor from one of our Renfrew County partnerorganizations who matches the individuals or family’s needs.

The WICC partners:

Is the information I provide the WICC kept confidential?

Services at the WICC are confidential.

However, there are exceptions when we must, by law, releaseinformation without your consent. The counsellor who sees you will review these exceptions with you at thebeginning of the session and ask you to sign a form indicating that you understand these. The exceptions toour confidentiality are: suspected or disclosed child abuse and/or neglect, disclosed intention to harmyourself or someone else, and a court order (subpoena) to provide access to your file.

If you need referral(s) to other community services, we will require your written consent to release yourinformation to persons / professionals outside the WICC. The counsellor who sees you can assist you withthis.

What is the cost?

There are no fees for the WICC. It is a free service funded by the Government of Ontario through theChamplain Local Health Integration Network as well as the United Way East Ontario. Access the Renfrew Collaborative E-Walk-In Counselling Clinic every Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
by calling 1-844-441-0981.

Does the WICC provide counselling sessions in French?

Currently, the WICC does not offer counselling sessions in French. However, if you wish to access
single-session counselling in French, you can do so online through Counselling Connect

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