1st Annual (Virtual)Day of Care and Healing


(Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation, November 17, 2021) – “The Power of Collaboration” is the theme of Victims and Survivors of Crime Week, taking place across Canada from November 14 to 20th, 2021. Victims and Survivors of Crime Week is held to raise awareness about issues facing victims and survivors of crime and the services, programs, and laws in place to help them and their families. The Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation’s Mental Health Team and Victim Services of Renfrew County Inc. are proud to be working in collaboration to host an event to commemorate the week in our community.

“The Victims and Survivors of Crime Week is an important event for our community because it provides an opportunity to raise awareness that crimes are committed against individuals in disproportionate numbers and the strength and resiliency of Survivors to overcome what has happened to them against their will”, said Lisa Oegema, Anti-Human Trafficking Program Manager, Victim Services of Renfrew County Inc. Community Justice Worker, Chrystal Toop further offers “It is important to recognize the historical and present day, compounded impacts of crime and violence for racialized community members, such as those who belong to Pikwakanagan First Nation and others living throughout Renfrew County.”

The Mental Health Team of the Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation and Victim Services of Renfrew County Inc. are working in collaboration this year to honour and commemorate Victims and Survivors of Crime Week with a first annual Day of Healing, to be held virtually on Wednesday, November 17th.  This Day of Healing will bring together individual community members and feature both western and traditional holistic services to build and reinforce strength within the Victim/Survivor community.  Using the Seven Grandfather Teachings, this collaborative event will build community and resilience by offering traditional knowledge while increasing awareness of support services.  This will be a one-day virtual event.  Registration is required.  Registration forms can be found at algonquinsofpikwakanagan.com or victimservicesrenfrewcouty.ca and submitted to: justice.mhs@pikwakanagan.ca

The first 100 registrants will receive a complimentary swag bag and bundle for the Day of Healing Event.

This event was funded by the Victims Fund, a grants and contributions program administered by the Department of Justice Canada. Funds are available to provinces, territories and non-governmental organizations for programs and services that give victims and survivors of crime a more effective voice in the criminal justice system. For more information about the Victims Fund, please visit: http://www.justice.gc.ca/eng/cj-jp/victims-victimes/

For more information on Victims and Survivors of Crime Week, visit: www.victimsweek.gc.ca.


 The Power of Collaboration:

1st Annual (Virtual)Day of Care and Healing
This event is financially supported by the
Victims & Survivors of Crime Awareness Week 2021, Department of Justice Canada
Please join us on
Wednesday, November 17, 2021

9:00 – 9:30: Traditional Opening

9:30 – 10:30: Elder Roberta Donna Della-Picca: Tobacco is a Sacred Medicine
Tobacco, as the first plant given to Humans by Creator, is the major Plant that Indigenous Peoples on Turtle Island use to communicate directly with Creator. It is the main Plant in the Four Sacred Medicines, which also include Sage, Cedar and Sweet Grass. Along our Life Journeys, when confronted with trauma, we sometimes turn to less than healthy ways to find solace and comfort. Tobacco abuse is a common unhealthy practice that Victims/Survivors turn to, in order to deal with resulting uncomfortable emotions. This Talk will explore this phenomenon, recalling Tobacco’s Sacred Role.

10:30 – 10:45: Nutrition Break

10:45 – 12:00: Chrystal Toop:Welcoming the Winter Medicines
Community Justice Worker, Life Spectrum Doula and Matriarch Chrystal will share teachings of community, care and safety. Join us to learn more about Winter Medicines and learn how to embrace the wisdom of the Seven Grandfathers for the dark nights ahead.

12:00 – 1:00: Lunch Break & Tea – Medicine Teaching with Chrystal

1:00 – 2:00: Tasheena Sarazin: The Power of Using Your Voice Join Tasheena as she shares teachings on the power of our voices. Speaking out against bullies and predators takes practice and Tasheena is a cycle breaker who is passionately working to make cultural spaces safe. This session will explore how to empower each other to use our voices, even when they shake. Tasheena will offer participants a song as a traditional singer and women’s hand drummer.

2:00 – 2:15: Nutrition Break

2:15 – 4:15: Joseph Pitawanakwat: Creator’s Garden
In this pre-recorded video we talk about the most appropriate medicines that help in our recovery from the traumas and stresses from violent crimes. The trauma is an ancient survival mechanism that helped our species survive for hundreds of thousands of years, when this system is on it is hard to turn off, medicine, and especially the two medicines I speak about in this session are powerful tools to help us tell our bodies and brains that everything will be okay. Importantly, I gesture to 2 other cultural components in this video that I think are the most powerful tools to help in our response to trauma healing. Together we come to an understanding that culture is necessary and the more of it we are engaging with the closer we will get to living the lives that our bodies are capable of. Chimiigwech for listening friends!

4:15 Closing

Please Register for this FREE Event by November 12th to: justice.mhs@pikwakanagan.ca

Please note that the first 100 to register will be gifted with an Event Swag Bag and Bundle.

This event is a collaborative effort between
Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation Mental Health Team and Victim Services of Renfrew County.

This event is financially supported by the
Victims & Survivors of Crime Awareness Week 2021, Department of Justice Canada


Please Register for this FREE event by November 12th to:  justice.mhs@pikwakanagan.ca




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