The Township of North Algona Wilberforce is actively seeking applicants for thte Strategic Planning and Coordination Committee.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a current resident or property owner in North Algona Wilberforce Township.
  2. Possess a strong forward, progressive interest in strategic planning.
  3. Be able to make informed decisions and demonstrate knowledge of the Townships Strategic Plan.
  4. Be able to review, evaluate and make informed recommendations to Council to help drive the townships strategic vision.
  5. Be open minded, receptive, and objective.
  6. Be able to follow instruction as directed by Council.
  7. Be available during and outside of regular business hours. With a flexible schedule to attend scheduled meetings.
  8. Possess a current Vulnerable Sector Check.

Interested parties are required to submit as part of their resume a short paragraph on why they are interested in serving on the committee and what value they believe they will bring to the committee.

Resumes, clearly marked Strategic Planning and Coordination Committee Member can be mailed, emailed, faxed, or delivered to the Township office.

Interested individuals shall submit their names and resumes for consideration by 12 noon on February 1, 2023, to:

Michelle Mantifel


1091 Shaw Woods Road

Eganville, ON
K0J 1T0

Fax – 613-628-3341


Click here to view the NAW Strategic Plan

The Strategic Planning and Coordination Committee as a recommending body will assist council in promoting, overseeing, and implementing council directives of economic community development opportunities.

Committee Mandate

  1. To assist Council in regard to priorities and objectives outlined in the Strategic Plan
  2. To actively participate in projects and growth that support the Strategic Plan
  3. To review, evaluate, and drive opportunities.
  4. To progressively move forward the township’s strategic vision.
  5. To comply with council direction and make informed recommendations.
  6. To engage listening, learning, communication, and advocacy skills.
  7. To make evidence-based recommendations.
  8. To strengthen the community for all who live and visit here.
  9. To strive to provide a thriving collective community.
  10. To provide residents the foundation to engage and contribute their gifts
  11. To be resourceful, neighbourly, culturally diverse, trustworthy, and proud.
  12. To promote environmental stewardship and inclusive human connection.
  13. To promote joy and celebration
  14. To support quality of life and treasure family history and culture.
  15. To promote use of the natural spaces and places within the township.
  16. To strengthen and promote a thriving community.
  17. To communicate and work respectfully and cooperatively with township staff and other groups, as necessary.
  18. Committee members must reside or own property within the municipality.
  19. All members must have an annual vulnerability screening check.
  20. All members must adhere to applicable township procedures and policies including confidentiality and privacy.


Committee Structure

The North Algona Wilberforce Strategic Planning and Coordination Committee shall consist of up to 11 members.

The members will consist of:

2 current members of council

2 non-voting township staff

2 local businesspersons

1 youth

1 senior

1 resident at large

1 recreation Committee member

1 Trail Development Committee member

Committee Procedures

Where separate rules of procedure do not exist for a committee or board the rules set forth in Procedural By-law 2018-105 Section “B” Municipal Committees and Boards, shall apply.

The committee shall meet at 7:00 pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month unless directed otherwise by majority of committee members, except for the months of July, August and December.

The committee chair will be appointed by the mayor and a deputy chair will be appointed by a majority vote of the committee. Two thirds of the committee shall constitute a quorum.  A recording secretary will be appointed by the clerk.

The chair or deputy chair shall preside over the committee meeting.

The chair shall ensure that all matters within their specific area of responsibility of policy consideration are put before their committee in a manner which is orderly, timely and complete.

The chair or deputy chair shall work with the recording secretary to review items of business for inclusion on committee agendas.

The chair shall maintain a communication with the administrative department head whose operations fall within their specific area of responsibility in such a manner as to be effectively addressed and followed through.

The chair shall prepare and sign reports for presentation to council and whenever necessary, attend council meetings to discuss the contents of the report.

The secretary (nonvoting member) will be responsible for preparing the agenda using administrative programming for distribution to all members by 4:30 pm on the Friday preceding the meeting, recording the minutes of all meetings, ensuring all information pertaining to the committee be directed to the proper township staff and all other provisions under Procedural By-law 2018-105 section “B”.


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