Island View Drive  Boat Launch – Golden Lake

Warning issued by Renfrew County Health Unit July 25,2022.
Beach water testing for the 2022 summer swimming season will commence June 20th.
One of the jobs for Ontario Health Units is to prevent or reduce illness and injury related to recreational water use. This includes inspecting and testing the water at public beaches during the swimming season.
The water is tested for E. coli bacteria. The presence of E. coli indicates recent sewage contamination. This can be caused by bathers, birds, animals, surface water runoff, sewage spills, private sewage disposal systems and pleasure boats.
Swimming in water with high levels of bacteria can cause skin rashes, eye, ear, nose and throat infections, and intestinal or stomach sickness if the water is swallowed.
If the test results show that there is too much E. coli in the water, a sign is put up. The sign states that the Medical Officer of Health advises people not to swim in the water because of high levels of bacteria. The sign is removed when further tests show that the water is safe for swimming again.
Sometimes a sign is posted at the beach to warn swimmers about other conditions like algae blooms, chemical contamination, or physical dangers.
Beaches owned and operated by municipalities are tested. Other beaches with public access may also be tested if the Medical Officer of Health believes that the beach is popular with swimmers and using the water may result in illness

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