Provincial Day of Action on Litter

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The Provincial Day of Action on Litter is celebrated on the second Tuesday of May each year in Ontario.

We are taking action to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills or becoming litter by bringing awareness to the impacts of waste on our environment and encouraging people to take action at home and in their community to help keep our environment clean and healthy for generations to come

There are actions we can all take to put litter in its proper place.   You can do this by:

  • Reducing waste: giving old products new life instead of throwing them away. For example, using old containers for storage or support second-hand clothing stores as opposed to buying new.
  • Diverting waste: recycling or composting materials when and where possible to divert waste away from landfills. For example, by using your blue and green bins. When cleaning up litter, make sure you properly separate out recyclables.  
  • Preventing waste and litter: stopping waste before its created, and before it has the chance to become litter. For example, by choosing to buy goods with less packaging or by bringing a reusable cup to take-out establishments that accept them.
  • Cleaning up litter: helping to keep your community clean by picking up and properly disposing of litter, or by organizing a community litter cleanup for others. Our Litter Cleanup Guide has  more information on how to organize a safe and successful cleanup.     
  • Properly disposing of waste: making sure anything that does belong in the trash, is securely placed in garbage bins to help keep our neighbourhoods clean.
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