Eganville Curling Club

 FREE casual drop in on November 3, nonmembers will be charged $10 on other Fridays.


The curling community nationwide has realized that a Learn to Curl program is a far superior way to grow

the sport and provide a better opportunity for new participants.  This year, Learn to Curl (LTC) is taking place

on Friday nights.   It is $60 for six consecutive weeks, running on Fridays from Nov 10 through to December 15

inclusive.  Membership in the club is not required and anyone who then wants to join as a member, we will

credit them the $60 towards the dues.  Students only need to bring clean shoes and dress warmly, we provide

the rest.

It is best if students make most of the sessions, missing one or two isn’t critical.  It is important that they make the first two or three, always harder to add newbies to a class that has been out several times.

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