FROM/DE: Upper Ottawa Valley OPP

DATE: October 23, 2023


(PEMBROKE, ON) – The Upper Ottawa Valley Detachment of the Ontario Provincial
Police (OPP) would like to remind parents/guardians and children that Halloween can
be a time of both excitement and potential danger. Help keep everyone safe by
following these safety tips:

• Carry a flashlight and select a costume with bright colours and reflective material
to increase visibility to drivers
• Use makeup instead of masks. Masks can reduce one’s ability to see obstacles,
vehicles, and other people
• Avoid baggy, long and oversized costumes that can be a tripping hazard
• Walk, don’t run, and remember to stop, look, and listen before crossing the street
• Never criss-cross the street. Cross at crosswalks or intersections. Call on one
side of the street, then the other
• Never trick or treat alone, go in a group or with an adult
• If trick or treating with friends tell your parents/guardians your route and when
you will be home
• Stay in familiar neighbourhoods and only go to homes that are well lit and that
are participating in Halloween
• Never go inside a house to get your treat
• Always have your treats checked by an adult before eating them

Motorists are reminded to drive with caution and be on the lookout for trick or treater throughout the afternoon and evening.
Following the above safety tips and using common sense will allow you to have a safe
and fun Halloween! 


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