THE SHARING PLACE FOOD BANK – Engi Madinamage Midjim

The Sharing Place Food Bank in Golden Lake will be making

Thanksgiving hampers on October 6th.

They appreciate any food donations at any time of the year but this time of year they also supply lunch items for all school age children .

They also have Diabetic and Gluten Free clients this year.

Please feel free to call Dale for pick up or drop off 613 635 -1904 or 613 -625 -2644


Cereal Boxed and Instant Oatmeal No sugary cereal 
Cake & Muffin Mix    
Rice   No Quinoa
Navy Beans For homemade beans  
Kraft Dinner & Mr. Noodle    
Pasta Spaghetti, elbow macaroni, lasagne  
Cat food  Canned and dry  

Canned Foods

Tomatoes Diced – no salt  Fresh produce the 2nd week of the month
Vegetables  Corn, Peas, Mixed  
Beans Pork and Beans  
Soups & Stews    
Fruit Peaches, pears etc  Low  sugar
DIABETIC   FOODS Apple sauce, jam  


 1 Litre boxes or plastic carton Orange, apple,  grape

School Snacks

Juice Boxes    
Granola Bars/Bear Paws Rice Krispie Squares    
Jam & Peanut butter    
Pudding Cups/Fruit cups    
Cheese Bars/ cheese Strings  


Personal Hygiene   Products  Diapers   size    5, 6, 7
Dish Soap Cookies for holidays
Laundry Pods  
Stuffing in a box/Canned Gravy  
Cranberry Sauce  


Turkeys, Hams, or Chickens


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