The Scottish Society of Ottawa is pleased to invite you to our Great Canadian Kilt Skate ribbon cutting celebration in the Ottawa Valley. It will be held at the Rankin Culture and Recreation Center on Saturday, February 17 2024, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. This is our first year holding this event in the Ottawa valley, and we have been increasing the numbers of Kilt Skates across Canada, eastern United States, Scotland, and Ireland. We would be honored to have you join us and participate in our ribbon cutting ceremony by saying an official proclamation for the first kilt skate in the Ottawa Valley.

Given your commitment to community, we think this would be a great event for you to share your priorities and to learn firsthand how the Scottish Society of Ottawa works to promote Scottish culture in Eastern Ontario by engaging the whole community. The Great Canadian Kilt Skate is a free event and an excellent occasion to reach families, and community partners to collaborate and come together.

As part of the agenda for this first Kilt Skate, we are focusing attention on promoting Wounded Warriors Canada. We welcome your involvement in the event given the amount of Canadian Military and First Responders in the area.

Please contact me at either email: or by phone at 613-281-0281 for more information and to discuss this invitation further. We look forward to your attendance at our Great Canadian Kilt Skate in the Ottawa Valley.





Whitney Brook’s

Membership Director

The Scottish Society of Ottawa

Kilt skating started with the Scottish Society marking the bicentennial of Canada’s first Prime Minister and launched it on January 31, 2015. Since then, other cities and countries have joined in across Canada, the U.S., Ireland and Scotland.

Kilt skating is a way to nurture your inner Scot and we welcome everyone. The Scottish Society of Ottawa is a not for profit organization that celebrates Scottish culture and links between Canada and Scotland. 

There is more information on our website

Here is the website for the Kilt Skate. It has more information inside.


Also, here is a YouTube video that was made for the Kilt Skate.


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