2024 Municipal Budget

Questions and comments received.


Does the Service Review done in January 2023 have any implications or costs within the 2024 budget?

Costs related to the Service Review in the 2024 budget include filling the vacant Public Works operator position and implementing the service review.


Has this Review improved any of the services provided for residents?

The service review identified internal processes and opportunities for continuous improvement. An example is passing the Human Resource manual. The manual provides policy that can be implemented and used consistently throughout the organization to improve staff morale and operational efficiency.


How does Council plan to recoup $52,000 that is reflected in the 2024 budget for operating costs for the Snodrifters property?

Municipal staff continue to pursue opportunities to increase the rental potential of the facility through event and longterm rentals. In addition, the Advisory Committee has been asked to create a plan to promote the use of the facility.


When does Council plan to have a public meeting with the residents of North Algona Wilberforce Township, to inform and discuss the budgeted amounts for the Snodrifters property?

The budget costs for the Snodrifters property were included in the 2024 Municipal Budget. There is a process in place for taxpayers to provide feedback and express concerns regarding the budget.


An investment by a corporation or a business, should expect to break even, at the very least.


Is the Special Projects Coordinator’s wages/salary being added to the administration costs of a grant when grants are applied for?

Administration time is built into grant applications whenever wages are an eligible expense. For example, the Live It Up Rural Outreach program, a successful grant application from 2023, included wages. Our general practice at this time is not to pursue funding opportunities with a programming component where wages are not an eligible expense.


Does Council consider future costs of these grants?

Most grant funding opportunities require the municipality to consider future operating costs as part of the application process.


Council should ensure, when grants are obtained , that no further costs in future years are also acquired and are ongoing in future years. eg. the visitors information kiosk at Golden Lake. There will be costs there unnecessarily for years to come. ie. upkeep, wages, weekend volunteers.


What is the best guess of annual operating costs for the snodrifters property?

Staff has used the financial information currently available for the Snodrifters facility to prepare the budget estimates for the facility. Unfortunately, we only have one year of data available to base our estimates on.


The budget numbers equal about $52,000.00 (includes insurances). I have also heard the cost will be $8000.00.


Have you, as leaders of this community, considered the numbers of residents of different ages that make up the township’s population of 3000 people, when you are promoting recreation activities or even road construction?

The Municipality has established a Recreation Committee to promote recreational activities. Their mandate includes:

  1. providing facilities and programs that will touch the lives of the greatest possible number of people while utilizing resources available in the area.
  2. conducting activities which will have appeal to persons of all skill levels and encourage family participation; and
  3. including services which meet the needs of exceptional persons and special groups.

The above items are considered when planning and scheduling recreational programs and activities for the residents of North Algona Wilberforce.

The main considerations for determining road construction projects are liability risks, maintenance costs and public safety. The Township does incorporate active transportation initiatives such as wider shoulders when funding permits, for example Letts Cemetery Road; due to the costs associated with these projects, Provincial and Federal funding grants are required.


At the budget meetings, it has been said that past year’s work, budgeted for, has not been done.

In the budget there is about $782,000 of work that was not done in 2023 and has been moved to 2024.


How can Council ensure that the roads projects do get completed with that $782,000?

The 2024 budget includes four road construction projects — Point Church Road, Roesler Road, Scheuneman Road and Reiche Road. Once the budget is adopted on February 20th, the Public Works Superintendent can issue the RFPs for these projects. Early issuance of RFP’s will allow for more competitive pricing and early completion dates thus ensuring that the work is completed in 2024. Additionally, our Public Works Superintendent has many years of experience managing construction projects.

Margaret McLeod


Does Council feel it is appropriate to limit taxpayers in North Algona Wilberforce Township to approx. 96 hrs for review and to understand many pages of proposed budget numbers before the deadline to submit questions related to the budget?

Staff and members of Council began the budget process for 2024 at the February 6th Special meeting of Council. Members of the public were able to access the proposed budget documents on the website and Facebook posted agenda since the February 3rd posting. A second budget meeting was held on February 12th and the proposed budget documents were available on the website on February 9th . After the second budget meeting only minor changes were made to the original budget documents posted on February 3RD .


Does Council feel that approx. 96 hours is enough time for taxpayers to formulate meaningful and appropriate questions regarding the budget?

See above.


Would Council consider changing any procedural bylaws to include Public Budget Town Hall meetings prior to the passing of the yearly budget, thus giving taxpayers the opportunity to provide feedback and express concerns. This would promote Transparency and Accountability!

Currently there is a process in place for taxpayers to provide feedback and express concerns regarding the budget. The information was posted on municipal social media platforms and advertised in the Eganville Leader.

Mike Krawchuk


February 13, 2024

Dear Mayor and Councillors:

I would like to acknowledge council’s work on going over the budget in a detailed manner. I saw a real effort from a councillor going over the budget almost line for line trying to trim expenses wherever possible.

The thing I am most upset about is the purchase of Snodrifters without public input or consultation and the effect it is having on the 2024 budget. Snodrifters is putting a strain on the budget in the amount of $52,000 not including another $47,000 in capital expenditures. This expense of $102,000 is one the town cannot afford.




Miscellaneous Expenses














Sub Total


Capital expenditures




It was my understanding from attending the budget meetings that the plan is to cancel one or a part of a road improvement project in order to pay for the expenses for Snodrifters. We should not be taking money away from road maintenance to pay for other projects especially in light of the information that Adrian Tomasini of Public Works gave us at the budget meeting. It seems clear to me that the town has fallen short of keeping up with regular road maintenance and a further shortfall will be created by funnelling money from road projects/maintenance to Snodrifters will only exacerbate the existing problem.

As a taxpayer of NAW I would respectfully ask that this council engage and listen to its residents with regard to any future land purchases that would or could have a negative impact on the budget. As residents, we should have a say in how our money is spent. Remember, you were elected to work for the benefit of your constituents. If you had engaged with us you would have known that most of your residents would likely have not been in favour of the purchase of Snodrifters. It is an added cost that this township woefully cannot afford. My hope is that the Advisory Committee will be able to work a miracle and come up with a viable plan to bring in some much needed revenue to support the purchase of Snodrifters so as not to negatively impact future budgets.

Yours sincerely,

Cindy Galloway


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